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Professional secrecy

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Professional secrecy is a fundamental right that many professionals, including doctors, notaries and lawyers, must observe. Within the lawyer/client relationship, professional secrecy is a privilege that ensures that any information you provide to your lawyer is kept confidential; it also applies to verbal or written opinions provided to you by your lawyer. Under professional secrecy, your lawyer is forbidden from revealing this information, even if questioned before a judge.

Professional secrecy is enshrined in Québec’s Charter of human rights and freedoms. It plays a fundamental role. It serves to create trust between you and your lawyer. It also means that you can entrust your lawyer with all types of information, even things you wouldn’t tell your best friend!

As with any rule, certain exceptions apply. For example, if a lawyer has reason to believe that one of his or her clients might commit suicide or another person might be seriously injured, he or she is authorized to disclose


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