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Looking for a lawyer?

The Association des avocats et avocates de province, sections of Montréal, Québec and Longueuil, provide referral services to help you find a lawyer. You can find their contact information below.

These references do not however represent the recommendations of the Barreau du Québec.

Approximately 2,000 members of some 26,000 members of the Order voluntarily enroll in these various referral services.

Be sure to always clarify the mandate and fees with your lawyer. In many cases, a first consultation can last over half an hour and fees charged subsequently are higher than the discount offered for the first half hour.

To help you benefit optimally from the services of your lawyer, the Barreau publishes several brochures to help you in your efforts. And as it is important to know your rights and obligations, the Barreau is affiliated with Éducaloi, which is entirely committed to the popularization of legal information.

Island of Montréal Regions of Québec, Beauce and Montmagny Any other region in Québec

For a lawyer referral by field of law, contact the 514 866-2490 or write to: reference@

First 30 minutes consultation for $30.

For a lawyer referral by field of law, contact the 418 529-0301 or fill in the form available on the Barreau de Québec website.

First 30 minutes consultation for free.

For a lawyer referral by field of law, call, toll free, to
1 866 954-3528, or visit the AAP website.

1-hour consultation for $ 100 (before tax).

JurisRéférence – Find your legal resource : www.jurisreference.ca

JurisReference is an online tool that is offered by partner bar associations in Quebec to enable citizens to quickly and easily find a good lawyer.

Reference services are also available in the Longueuil areas:
Phone: 450 468-2609 
First 30 minutes consultation for $50.



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