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Get a reference for a lawyer-mediator


To resolve a conflict between two individuals or two companies, whether in family, civil or commercial, it is not always necessary to have recourse to the courts.

To identify and contact a lawyer certified mediator in your area, visit one or other of the following topics:

Médiateurs : droit civil et commercial

Médiateurs : droit familial

Médiateurs : petites créances

Médiateurs : Service de médiation franco-québécois


The advantages of mediation are numerous. Here are some reasons, among others, why this alternative method of conflict resolution is increasingly used:

  • Both sides win while with a court decision, there is often a winner and a loser;
  • The record is entirely confidential, which is not the case for the cases listed in the court;
  • The parties can more easily maintain a relationship after the resolution of the problem, which is very important among relatives, neighbors and businesses partners;
  • The conflict is often resolved more quickly;
  • The overall cost may be lower than if the case is brought before the court.

The lawyer mediator certified by the Barreau du Québec is a trained professional mastering concepts required by any legal status and subject to the same ethical rules as other lawyers.

He is also trained in the techniques of negotiation and mediation. Thus, while maintaining his impartiality, he uses his legal knowledge to assist the parties to make informed decisions. So he knows how to help the parties reach an agreement.


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