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About the Barreau

Mission, Vision and Values

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Our mission:

To ensure the protection of the public, the Barreau du Québec oversees professional legal practice, promotes the rule of law, enhances the image of the profession and supports members in their practice.

Our vision:
To excel in the preventive approach

Our values :

Strong values fuel our work and motivate our decisions.


Actions of the Barreau are based on skilled resources: its internal management, its governing authorities, its committees and its members who serve the public.


To maximize the trust links, the Barreau is transparent. Decisions posted on the Web, distribution of financial results and explanation of the disciplinary process are examples of transparency.


Staff and members of the Barreau du Québec are accountable for their actions and decisions. This notion of accountability is part of our action.


The Barreau team works more and more together and shares information necessary for decision making. The team members are complementary, committed and eager to achieve results.

Active Listening

Barreau staff is attentive to the public, members and colleagues. The feedback provided by the public and members is important for the Barreau. It helps to subsidize the projects.


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