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Directory of lawyers

To search for a lawyer or a mediator, the directory offers you several quick and easy search possibilities : field of law, city, language, geolocation and many more.


This directory is not the Roll of the Order and may not include certain members of the Barreau. Consult the page Verify the status of a lawyer to find out if a person is a member of the Barreau du Québec.

Regardless of where they practise, members of the Barreau du Québec are also registered in a regional bar referred to as a regional Barreau section.

For more information, contact the Registry Office.

Protection of the information contained in the directory (“captcha”)

The Turing Test (commonly called “captcha”) was put into place in order to prevent access to the directory of lawyers by programs designed to automatically download the contact information of individuals or firms listed on the Web. These programs, referred to as “robots”, are unable to circumvent the “captcha”. In this way, the contact information of members of the Barreau is protected.  

If your activities require you to have intensive daily access to the directory of lawyers, please contact

Change of contact information

The contact information contained in the directory of lawyers was provided to the Barreau by its members, who have the legal obligation to ensure it is valid.

To modify your contact information: change of contact information