Barreau du Québec aiming for prevention and awareness-raising
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2021/02/09 Notices to members

Sexual harassment and violence in the profession

Barreau du Québec aiming for prevention and awareness-raising

In an effort to get a clear picture of the situation regarding sexual harassment and violence in the practice of law in Quebec, the Barreau du Québec has been collaborating since 2017 in a survey on the subject, conducted by a team of researchers from Université Laval.

As part of the study, an online questionnaire was sent in the fall of 2018 to all members of the Barreau and articling students, generating a response rate of 14.5%, with a total of 3,785 questionnaires completed. While the sample collected is considered one of convenience, given the importance of the issues addressed by the survey, the Barreau considered it essential to disseminate the report produced by the research team and initiate any ensuing discussions without further delay.

The Barreau is already taking concrete steps to encourage the reporting and reduction of sexual abuse and violence within the profession. In the wake of the report, entitled Survey on Sexual Harassment and Violence in the Practice of Law, the Barreau is now considering other measures.

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