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Declaration of confidentiality and conditions of use

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I - Rules of use

The Barreau du Québec (hereinafter, the “Barreau”) owns and operates a website at the address (hereinafter, the “site”). All addresses whose principal domain name is “” are also considered to be the site (e.g.:, etc.), as are the following addresses:,

Unless otherwise stated on the site, the site is accessible to all users (hereinafter, the “user” or “users”). By browsing on this site, you accept the following conditions. If you do not accept these conditions, please do not visit the site.

The Barreau may change the following information by simply updating this page of the site.

II - Limitation of liability

The texts, opinions, advice and information expressed or made available on the site or through hyperlinks are the sole responsibility of their authors and not of the Barreau. The content and hyperlinks on the site are provided for educational and informational purposes. Users must not interpret them as expert legal, tax or accounting advice. The information, documents and images on the site are offered “as is” on the date of the update displayed on the page consulted. The Barreau shall not be liable for the truthfulness of the content of advertising on the site.

The Barreau does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the site, to the content of hyperlinks or to e-mail links offered on the site. The Barreau reserves the right of modify the site without prior notice. Except where noted, the Barreau’s goal is to keep the site updated, but it does not undertake to continually update the site. If you find an error on the site, kindly contact the site’s webmaster ( so the error can be corrected as quickly as possible.

Although the following organizations are hosted on the Barreau’s server and share the same domain name, they are entities totally independent of the Barreau and are solely responsible for the content of their websites: the regional bars, the Corporation de services, the Fondation du Barreau, the Association des avocats et avocates en droit familial du Québec, the Association québécoise des avocats et avocates en droit de l’immigration (AQAADI), the Jeune Barreau de Québec and the Association des avocats et avocates de province (AAP).

III - Copyright

The form and content of the site are protected by copyright and by Québec, Canadian and foreign intellectual property laws. All of the information and documents accessible on the site are the exclusive property of the Barreau. The name (and all its sub-domains, such as and,,, as well as the Barreau logo are the property of the Barreau.

Users shall not reproduce, for dissemination by any means whatsoever, the texts, computer codes, opinions, advice, videos, images, training modules, files or information contained, expressed or made available on the site. However, the right to reproduce for purposes of dissemination may be requested from the Barreau in writing ( Once such approval has been obtained, the user must follow the Barreau’s instructions in that regard.

Users shall not sell or modify, whether for public or commercial purposes, the texts, opinions, advice, videos, images, training modules or information contained, expressed or made available on the site.

IV – Security and confidentiality

The Barreau has a system for the protection of its electronic and computer communications. Nonetheless, the Barreau shall in no way be responsible for the possible transmission of computer viruses in any manner whatsoever. Browsing on the site or downloading documents and images is at the entire risk of the user.

With the occasional exception, the Internet is not considered a secure communication network. While the Barreau makes every effort to ensure the security of the site, the Barreau shall not be liable for any damages to a user or third party caused by the sending of confidential information to a third party through e-mail links on the site.


The Barreau uses cookies on the site for three different purposes. A cookie is a small text file saved on a user’s hard drive. The file is completely harmless and cannot contain viruses.

  1. The site uses a cookie in order to avoid abusive use of the data found in the Barreau’s directory of lawyers. This file, which can only be read by the site’s software, makes it possible to identify the user’s computer and thereby impose a limited number of daily searches in the directory of lawyers. The presence of the cookie allows the site to monitor the identity of the user’s computer only when that application is used.
  2. In surveys the Barreau occasionally disseminates via the site, a cookie is used to avoid once again presenting the same survey to a user who has already agreed or refused to participate in the survey. Under no circumstances can cookies identify users or associate them with their answers.
  3. The Barreau uses the software program Google Analytics to analyze visits on its site. Google Analytics uses cookies to record certain behaviour by visitors, such as the number of visits to the site, the path taken and the duration of the visit. Under no circumstances can cookies identify visitors.

The data remains completely anonymous and is only intended to improve the Barreau’s site based on the needs of its visitors.

V – Jurisdiction

This agreement shall be governed and interpreted according to the laws of Québec. Any dispute resulting from this agreement shall be brought before the court of the judicial district of the head office of the Barreau, namely, Montreal.

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