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General public

Here you will find tools to help you find a lawyer, prepare for your first meeting and verify the status of a lawyer. Since protecting the public is at the heart of the Barreau’s mission, you’ll also find details on how to file a complaint against a lawyer.

Doing business with a lawyer

By doing business with a lawyer, you'll get sound advice on how to assert your rights and you'll be sure you’re dealing with a trained professional whose practise of the profession is supervised by the Barreau du Québec. We offer many tips to help you get the best service from your lawyer, from the very first time you meet to the moment you receive your invoice.

Access to justice

Finding a lawyer is one thing; finding the right lawyer for your needs is another. We provide you with tools to help you in your research. Free or low-cost resources also exist.

Filing a complaint

The primary mission of the Barreau du Québec is to oversee how lawyers practice law to ensure protection of the public. The Barreau du Québec oversees the professional discipline of its members and their adherence to ethical standards, and assesses their competence as well as the competence of those aspiring to join its ranks. This mission is carried out through the Bureau du syndic, an independent department of the Barreau tasked with receiving complaints from citizens and conducting investigations when necessary. At all times, you can reach out to the Barreau if you have any concerns about the conduct of a lawyer.

Notices of striking off the roll

Is a person who calls himself a lawyer duly registered on the Tableau de l'Ordre? Is her right to practice subject to a suspension or restrictions that prevent her from providing you with the services she claims to offer? The answers to these questions are public. You will find them here.