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Filing a complaint

Misuse of money or property

Lawyers may hold money or other property on behalf of their clients. For example, the money may be an advance on fees provided by you or property you have entrusted to your lawyer until your case is settled.

In the course of your business relationship, did your lawyer misuse the money or property? If so, you must contact the Compensation Fund of the Barreau du Québec.

The Compensation Fund

The Compensation Fund was established by the Barreau du Québec to compensate clients whose lawyer misused money or property handed over to the lawyer.

Who investigates?

The Compensation Fund Committee is the body that investigates claims submitted to it and decides on their outcome or makes recommendations to the Board of Directors of the Barreau du Québec which ultimately makes a decision.


The Professional Code states that no one may hinder such an investigation in any way whatsoever. The Committee does not hold hearings as such, but may deem it appropriate, in the course of its investigation, to meet with the claimant or with any other person with whom it considers it necessary to meet.

How to file a claim

To file a claim, you must use the form available on-line, which you must complete, sign and have sworn.

If space is insufficient, you may attach additional pages. It is important to include with this form all documents and evidence in support of your claim (NSF cheques, receipts, agreements, bank statements, etc.).

In order to be processed, your claim form must be signed and sworn and be accompanied by all the required documents.


If your claim is incomplete, it will not be processed and will be returned to you by the compensation registry office, together with an explanatory letter.

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