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Access to justice

Need a lawyer?

When faced with family concerns, latent defects, employment terminations, rental challenges, or legal disputes, the guidance of a lawyer, mediator, or arbitrator is helpful. Rely on referral services to locate a lawyer suitable for your requirements, conveniently located near your workplace or residence and specializing in the specific area of law relevant to your situation.

Visit our page A lawyer’s roles to get a clearer understanding of how the lawyer can assist you.

Before initiating any legal proceedings, take the time to explore the resources at your disposal. Begin by asking a fundamental question: do I truly require the assistance of a lawyer? As legal specialists, lawyers excel in representing clients in court, offering guidance and advice on complex legal matters. However, it is worth evaluating whether the issue at hand could potentially be resolved without the involvement of a legal professional. Much like one would not consult a doctor for a minor finger splinter, not every issue requires the immediate attention of a legal expert. 

When in doubt, do not hesitate to access the resources available to you. The centres de justice de proximité, legal clinics, support groups, and dedicated websites can assist you in assessing more accurately the nature and severity of your issue. We have highlighted some of these resources here.

How to find a lawyer?

Identifying a lawyer aligned with your needs is crucial. Your lawyer will skillfully guide you through every procedural step. Here is a guide to assist you in the process of locating such legal expertise.


The references listed below do not constitute endorsements by the Barreau du Québec.

  1. Analyze your situation and clarify your needs

    Initiate the reflection process by a series of self-inquiries regarding your matter: 
    Is there a time-sensitive nature to your situation? Which legal domain is pertinent to your situation?

    What is the primary objective behind seeking legal advice? Could your matter be resolved through mediation?

    Consider mediation or arbitration as potential avenues for resolving your situation. You will find detailed insights regarding these dispute prevention and resolution approaches on our dedicated page.

    When seeking the assistance of a lawyer, it is essential to engage a professional practicing in the specific legal field relevant to your issue. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to initially identify the nature of your problem. To assist you in this process, we have compiled here a glossary of key legal domains

  2. Find a lawyer or lawyer-mediator in your region

    Find a lawyer-mediator

    The Barreau du Québec has developed a powerful search tool called «  Find a lawyer  ». This tool compiles the names and contact details of most Québec lawyers currently members of the Barreau. You can customize your search by choosing from an exhaustive list of criteria including legal expertise, region, language, employer, and more. This tool stands as your most reliable ally in finding a professional to address your specific needs.

    The «  Find a lawyer  » tool additionally allows you to identify members of the Barreau with the required credentials to act as mediators or arbitrators.

    Find a lawyer-mediator

    Resolving conflicts between individuals or companies in family, civil, or commercial law does not always require legal litigation. Engaging the services of a lawyer-mediator can be a viable alternative.

    Find a lawyer-arbitrator

    Arbitration is a private dispute resolution mechanism distinct from court proceedings. It is recognized for its efficiency, cost effectiveness, and confidentiality, with a key benefit being the option to choose arbitrators for decision-making in diverse legal contexts, excluding family law.

    Find a lawyer who handles workplace psychological harassment investigations

    A lawyer experienced in conducting workplace psychological harassment investigations will assess the eligibility of your complaint, conduct the investigation, and compile a report outlining guidance for the implementation of recommended measures. 

    Find a lawyer certified for the recognition of an assistant to a person of full age

    A certified lawyer can file applications for the recognition of an assistant to a person of full age with the Public Curator who will make a final decision whether or not to recognize an assistant.

    Referral services 

    Referral services by area of law are offered to help you find a lawyer who will provide you with information, advice or legal opinion.

    Urgence avocat

    Every person is entitled to make a phone call to a lawyer. If the person does not know any lawyers, the police officer must direct the person to the right resource. This free legal consultation service is available 24  hours a day, 7  days a week. Those who qualify for legal aid are accepted.

    The Barreau du Québec also offers a telephone line for immigrants, Urgence immigration, and another for adolescents, Urgence lawyer (juvenile).

  3. Verify the status of the lawyer selected

    It is recommended to review the current membership status of your selected lawyer with the Barreau du Québec and assess whether any disciplinary complaints have been filed before initiating professional engagement.

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