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Legal Assistance and Legal Expense Insurance

Legal assistance and legal expense insurance are two very different products.

While legal assistance offers only over-the-phone advice from a lawyer, legal expense insurance goes much further: the lawyer you choose can represent you in the event of a dispute and your insurer will pay part of the expenses.

Legal expense insurance is essential!

Say you have a disagreement with a store owner, landlord, or neighbour. Or you find a latent defect in your home. Or you are treated unfairly at work. Or you are the victim of a medical error. Or you need to have a will probated. As a result of any of these unanticipated events, all of which are beyond your control, you may need to turn to a lawyer, a mediator, an arbitrator or the courts.

The Barreau du Québec encourages the purchase of legal expense insurance, because it's an excellent way to have access to a number of legal services when you need them.

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