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Official Quebec Stenographers

Becoming a stenographer

To be entered on the official roll of stenographers, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • pass the examination of the stenography committee or pass the theoretical test of the examination and hold a legal authorization to practice stenography issued by a competent authority;
  • not have been convicted of a criminal offence related to the practice of stenography;
  • pay the annual membership dues;
  • take an oath before a judge of the Superior Court.

Regular and supplemental examinations


Dates for future stenography committee examinations will be posted shortly.

If you wish to take the examination, please complete the registration form and read the instructions for candidates.

The registration form and the necessary documents must be returned by email or mail. To speed up registration, we recommend that you send the form and documents by email.

Comité sur la sténographie
445 Saint-Laurent Blvd, 4th floor
Montréal, Quebec  H2Y 3T8

Educational institutions recognized by the stenography committee

The stenography committee recognizes that there are institutions that issue an attestation of studies that is equivalent to that issued by the École de sténographie judiciaire du Québec, allowing candidates holding attestations of studies from these institutions to be admitted to the stenography examination administered by the committee.

List of institutions recognized by the stenography committee

  • Académie de sténographie officielle du Québec / Court Reporting Academy of Quebec
  • Chartered Shorthand Reporters Association of Ontario (CSRAO)(recognized until December 31, 2019)*
  • Institut Grandjean de Paris
  • Institut France Quitard de Paris
  • International Realtime Court Reporting Institute (formerly the American Realtime Court Reporting Institute)
  • Northern Alberta Institute of technology (NAIT)
  • South Carolina School of Court Reporting (SCSCR)
  • Canadian Center for Verbatim Studies (recognized until December 31, 2014)*
  • Collège Georges Brown, Ontario (recognized until February 27, 2018)*

* If your attestation was issued after the date mentioned, it is not recognized by the committee.

If you hold an attestation or diploma from one of these institutions, or if you wish to apply for recognition of an educational institution that is not listed, please contact the stenography committee by email at